Beto Val

Ecuadorian artist Beto Valencia, better known on social media as Beto Val, began his career in collage almost by accident. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic and from his small studio in Quito, this artist randomly discovers a huge bank of vintage illustrations in the public domain with which he begins to experiment and create his first works, especially as a therapy to combat the stress of his daily life.
Soon after, he realizes that his imagination was always full of surreal beings and scenes that needed to come to life, thus he finds the best way to do it through digital collages. Little by little, this hobby became almost an obsession for the artist who devotes up 4 hours a day to exploring and creating new works.

Beto Val's collages immerse us in a surreal world plagued by absurd and eccentric beings, but who are somehow familiar to us and whose existence is not only possible but necessary.

Wild Aristocracy, Amazing Machines, or animals from an Imaginary Animal Kingdom, everything is possible in the mind of this creator who skillfully combines his vintage collage technique with photo manipulation.

Beto Val creates his universe that resists going through a single theme and a single style. His passion is exploration, play, and fun in all its expressions where each new collage suggests a world completely different from the previous one and yet all of them bear the perfectly recognizable stamp of the author.

His specialization in graphic design and advertising has also allowed the artist to conquer new territories of the imagination, which we can appreciate in the great variety of works found on his website, where he collects the best and most absurd of his digital work.